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We dont claim to be Northlands No.1. Our Customers do!

Painless Paintball Laser tag

The latest and greatest thing to come to NZ paintball

Made possible by our development of the NZHPA system in 2009, painless paintball is bringing paintball to a whole new level of player friendliness. It incorporates the cost effectiveness and user friendliness of the NZHPA system, regular paintball and some very nice computer wizardry to make something where you can experience the trill of paintball but with out any of the pain and bruising.

You will be playing with a real paintball gun just the same as regular paintball and you will be playing on a regular paintball field and playing the same games as regular paintball its just that you wont be getting the pain of getting hit with regular paintballs

Min age
There isnt one!. Yay finely Paintball with no min age. This is safe for all ages. we do however recommend this for ages 6 and up as the guns are to heavy for players younger than that.

per player for 10-12 players (1 hour). $23 per player for 6-9 players(1 hour). $28 per player for less than 6 players(1 hour).
this includes 4 x 10 min games

Bookings are done in 1 hour blocks. there will also be a 20 minute check in time prier to the booking and a 10 min check out time after, that is not charged for. Deposits are not required.
Time slots run 9am-11pm 7 days. This is weather permitting (computer gear and rain dont mix)

Set in beautifully cool native bush away from the heat of the summer sun and attracting the cool sea breezes, yet still north facing to attract the warming winter sun, and sheltered from the cold southerly winter winds is where you will find northlands best paintball field. see fields page for more details.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 7 customer reviews

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By Chris Angus
Whangarei Paintball the Eco friendly choice. this website is powered totally by recycled electrons, as to is the electricity generated for use in the park.
Our strategy is for you to tag each other without tagging the environment
Action Village Review Blog Julie 2017-04-02 07:19:36

Awesome venue.
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Cathy Vickers 2017-01-23 12:16:02

I had a group of 14. We divided into 3 teams. We used the rifle range, clay target and archery sections. We had a great time. The place is a bit scruffy, but overall everyone had a great time.
IP address:

2016-12-14 11:32:13

We had a great experience with family friends playing paint ball I love the fact that my younger son could play with us due the softer paint balls,will definitely come back again lots of fun cheers Chris highly recommend
IP address:

Kamo Wildlife Sanctuary 2016-12-14 10:12:42

Paintballing for our work Christmas function was awesome, a good way for the team to bond and let of some steam.
IP address:

Dan Archer 2016-12-14 09:44:07

We planned paintball as an activity for a group of y9 and y10 students. All the students had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the activity. The paintball arena had lots of interesting buildings and equipment that the students enjoyed using as cover. We played two games which kept the activity different and engaging for our students. Overall the students and I really enjoyed the activity and I would recommend to groups of this age and above. The only negative was that the students used their allocation of paintballs quickly and it was only after the first game when they started to spread their shots out to conserve paintballs.
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