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Paintball Tanks

opening real soon

Whangarei paintball has been brought to a hole new level

Tanks rattle through an abandoned village, firing rounds into walls their gun-toting opponents hide behind: It sounds like something from a war movie but here at AE fun park Whangarei's bigest paintball facility its just another option on offer for paintball players.

These are the one and only paintball tanks in the southern hemisphere and the only ones of their type in the world.
based off WW2 tiger 1 tanks


3:1 scale from the real thing
top speed 7.5kph
17.2mm main gun / max fireing rate 20 rounds per second
full cabin ( sorry just like the real thing, no air con)
onboard HPA compressor.

these can either run against up to 20 foot soldiers or against each other

for 20min. includes 100 paintballs. extra paintballs $10 per 100 rounds

3 years in the making and costing more than most of the rest of the activities combined these have been the parks bigest challenge to build yet.
made mostly from composite fiber with a steel chassis, powered by a twin independent hydro drive (can have one side forward and the other rev at the same time), running a electro-pneumatic gun with onboard compressor. these are driven with a single operator powering through our purpose built abandoned town, hunting down anyone still alive.


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