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Welcome, to Whangarei's number one most advanced Paintball

We dont claim to be Whangarei 's No.1. Our Customers do!

Parental control mobile phone app

This has to be the best little Phone app to come to paintball and one of many reasons to only use the best of paintball fields with the most up to date facilities for your outings.
whangarei paintball

Can run on any smart phone and does not require download or install.
View the progress of the group in real time from almost anywhere.
Change the spend limit of the kids from almost anywhere.

How it Works:
Once you login and activate the app with the code supplied at the paintball field at the time of registration it finds your group and displays the details of the players you are paying for. It shows how much they have spent, how many refills are remaining and allows you to change their refill limit in real time.
This allows you to control your spent to a tee eliminating nasty surprises or having to hang around to keep a eye on those limits

To Use
At registration you will be given a qr code and group code. scan or enter this code then enter the group code
The app will automatically find your group and display the details. it will also allow you to change the spend settings for the kids in your group (instructions for this are in the app).
The code will expire after 4 hours.
Everything you need is already installed on your phone and it does not need to download the app. ( it does need a data connection to get the info (either 3g or the parks wifi)

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Whangarei Paintball the Eco friendly choice. this website is powered totally by recycled electrons, as to is the electricity generated for use in the park.
Our strategy is for you to tag each other without tagging the environment whangarei
whangarei paintball
With over 120 guns on site we can cater for groups of any size.

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whangarei paint ball

whangarei paintball

AE Fun Park Review Blog Marco Troost 2018-11-08 17:53:04

Great fun, excellent relaxed atmosphere and great value for money
IP address:

Wesley 2018-11-06 18:01:22

Had a very fun day out with all the boys! I enjoyed it very much and the paintball was great fun!
IP address:

Rayne Herewini 2018-11-01 14:00:51

Today was a good day and everything seemed to be really fun.
IP address:

Kohatu 2018-08-06 11:38:49

thank you
IP address:

Daisy 2018-06-08 08:51:45

Awesome time had by all. Loads of fun.
IP address:

2018-06-08 08:16:41

Awesome. Will do it daily if I could.
IP address:

2018-06-08 08:12:30

Everyone had the best time. They all wanted to do it on a weekly basis.
IP address:

2017-05-19 18:11:59

Played night paintball. Freaking awesome our group had a blast very different but cool. Would play a night game again.
IP address:

Pamela 2017-05-18 18:13:19

It was really cool. We played paintball in pouring rain and it was still a great time. Will defiantly come back though maybe in better weather.
IP address:

Helaina Witten 2017-05-18 15:10:14

I had a very enjoyable time at Action Village Events Park, and would certainly return for a rematch with my friends. Fast, friendly and thorough customer service - no time was wasted. Thank you for a great day (additionally, for your honesty in returning my sunglasses in good condition. Much appreciated)
IP address:

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